Performance Scorecards

Gain Greater Transparency on the Quality of Your Research and Manager Selections.

Looking to set a new standard for transparency in the wealth management industry, FDx Advisors introduced investment research performance scorecards to provide wealth management firms with transparency into our own research performance and to enhance your confidence in our ability to successfully select a diverse, skilled set of money managers and products.

FDx Advisors hand selects money managers and specific investment models for participation on its model exchange hub only after significant manager screening and due diligence, using state-of-the-art screening technology. FDx is unique in its ability to filter out investment research – emphasizing quality over quantity – and select highly skilled money managers.

FDx Advisors delivers stringent research and two-way due diligence of money managers, which includes both upfront screening in the selection process as well as ongoing monitoring of performance to ensure managers are delivering to expectations. By publishing scorecards on our own performance with respect to our research and money manager selections, we provide you with greater transparency and reinforce our commitment to unbiased, high-quality research and investment model offerings.

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