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Retail and Retail REITs are at a Turning Point

September 19, 2017 Written By Greg Fierros

Is retail in a cyclical bear market?  Is it permanently doomed?  Or is a technological disruption in retail leading it to the verge of a renaissance?  What do the retail sector’s struggles mean for retail REITs?  How can REIT investors best position themselves for what may lie ahead?  The recent struggles of retail have made the sector the “topic du...

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Have We Reached Peak Index?

June 16, 2017 Written By John Parsons

Last month the Investment Management Consultant’s Association (IMCA) held its Annual Conference Experience at the San Diego Convention Center.  I’ve been attending IMCA’s conferences for the last 15 years, and have seen the organization and event grow in size and scope over the years.  They have consistently provided timely information and thoughtful speakers who deliver exceptional insight and commentary as...

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US Stock Market Stays Calm through a Week of Surprising Headlines

April 12, 2017 Written By Tyler Mull

There were multiple headlines last week that could have struck fear into the market but didn’t seem to sway the resolve of investors. On April 6th the US deployed a missile strike on Syria’s Shayrat airbase in response to the use of chemical weapons; it signaled a change in US foreign policy that could have triggered a sell-off in stocks...

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The Advantages of Unified Managed Accounts over ETFs

March 10, 2017 Written By Shari Hensrud

Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) have been around for a number of years now. The original growth of UMA was born from an aging Separately Managed Account (SMA) industry and the cracks that were forming. The benefits of UMA included customization, less paperwork, efficient rebalancing, lower minimums, lower costs and tax-efficiency. Much has also been written about the benefits of UMA...

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Dow Cracks 20,000, But Does It Matter for Most of Us?

January 31, 2017 Written By Beau Noeske

The DJIA broke past the 20,000 threshold for the first time in history on January 25, 2017. While 20,000 is somewhat of an arbitrary value, the enthusiasm surrounding it may have more to do with psychology than fundamentals. According to Dr. Art Markman of Psychology Today, while the construct of integers should be unbiased in a perfect world where each has equal...

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The Tweets Heard Around the World

December 19, 2016 Written By Justin Pinto

“Impact of a Trump tweet: Lockheed Martin lost $4 billion in market value.” That was the title for the CNBC article written by Berkeley Lovelace Jr. dated December 12, 2016. The tone of the article seems to place at least partial blame for shares of the aerospace company dropping more than four percent in early onset trading on December 12 on...

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The Death of Stock Pickers

September 22, 2016 Written By Tyler Mull

On August 13, 1979, BusinessWeek published a cover story by Barry Ritholtz titled, “The Death of Equities.” Ritholtz cited inflation and new opportunities for investors, specifically institutions, as the “death blow” to the roaring public equity market of the 1960s: a market which experienced annualized returns of 9% over a 40-year period. According to the author, these new opportunities were...

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Avoid Being Left Standing When the Music Stops

July 21, 2016 Written By Greg Fierros

It’s reared its ugly head in the past. It strikes quickly, sometimes over a matter of a few days, and as quickly as it comes, it evaporates taking with it billions in investors’ assets. The Third Avenue Focused Credit fund was one of its recent victims; however, despite the fund’s particularly high weight to S&P rated CCC and lower bonds,...

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What I learned at the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference

June 7, 2016 Written By George Chen, CFA, CIPM

One of the featured speakers at the conference in Montreal, Quebec was Amy Myers Jaffe, Executive Director of Energy and Sustainability – University of California Davis Institute of Transportation Studies.  Her presentation to the over 2,000 delegates in attendance centered on global energy markets.  She started by stating that three major linchpins to high oil prices have now dissipated:  peak...

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Fed Fighters Take Note

May 25, 2016 Written By Sarah Abernathy

Among the many catalysts behind the relentless increase in equity valuations in recent years must certainly be the easy monetary policy set by the Fed, which we have all become accustomed to and for which we will one day pay the piper. Beyond its rate stance, however, is the more interesting effect that the mere meeting of the FOMC has...

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The In-Depth Story of our Research Process: FolioDynamix

February 22, 2016 Written By Shari Hensrud

FolioDynamix was recently featured in a 5-part FundFire series,  “How to Get on the Recommended List”. The series provided a broad overview of each firm’s research process. There were similarities across firms: the size of the approved lists were quite close, and every firm studied mentioned qualitative aspects in choosing managers, such as philosophy and process as well as portfolio managers...

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Apple in early 2016 – From market darling to “It’s not you, it’s me.”

February 3, 2016 Written By Beau Noeske

If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, you’re familiar with the phrase, “I’m a customer, but not an investor.” It’s basically the business equivalent of the “It’s not you, it’s me,” relationship breakup rationale. Essentially, you like this person or product enough to let it play a small part in your life, but it’s not appealing enough to warrant any kind...

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Dow Chemical and DuPont to Merge

January 4, 2016 Written By Justin Pinto

On December 11, 2015, Dow Chemical and DuPont announced they will be merging in the second half of 2016 and then, approximately two years later, subsequently splitting the combined entity into three separate companies. The companies will be split into agriculture, material science, and specialty products. The new entity will be called DowDuPont and the two companies agreed to merge...

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The Value of Being There – Office Visits and Investment Manager Selection

November 24, 2015 Written By John Parsons

For many high school seniors, this is a hectic time of year. No, not because of the anticipation of all those Black Friday deals, but November is the heart of college application season. As the father of a 17-year-old daughter, it’s starting to sink in. The little girl will soon be out and on her own. But before that day...

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Can the waiver wire rescue a bad draft? A fantastical approach to examining strategic and tactical asset allocation

October 30, 2015 Written By Beau Noeske

It’s time for the annual, “Let’s compare fantasy sports to investing” blog entry. The comparison at hand for 2015: The pairing of strategic and tactical outlooks in the context of asset allocation. Strategic asset allocation is driven by long-term risk and return expectations across asset classes, while tactical allocation employs decision-making based largely on current events to identify asset classes...

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The price of tea in China – the nature of global markets

September 29, 2015 Written By Tyler Mull

The phrase “Well, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?” is a phrase often used to respond to a question that is off-topic or irrelevant. Yet, when speaking about the global economy today, the price of tea (and oil) in China may not be so off-topic after all. In fact, Bill Gross of Janus...

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Is the business of biotech advancing to the next level?

September 2, 2015 Written By Beau Noeske

The continuous run in biotech can provoke thoughts of a potential bubble, especially when a majority of the firms in the sector don’t earn a profit. The NASDAQ Biotechnology Index for the past ten years increased over 300%. Since 2010, the number of IPOs in the sector has significantly increased and accounts for a large portion of the total IPOs...

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Did followers of the VIX index see it coming?

August 31, 2015 Written By Shari Hensrud

Did followers of the VIX index see it coming? Probably not, the VIX index is not a good leading indicator for market volatility. The VIX is the most widely accepted method to measure or gauge market volatility. The philosophy of the VIX is “when the VIX is high it is time to buy.” This statement may have some historical evidence...

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Investment manager styles and timing

July 27, 2015 Written By DavidChandler

When looking at investment managers, we here at FolioDynamix are primarily looking for active managers that can add long-term value beyond their benchmarks. That’s the easy 30,000-foot description. As you get closer to the ground, details start to matter. What constitutes long-term? What counts as being active? What is the appropriate benchmark against which to measure performance? Many different factors...

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An alternative to uncertainty in global markets

July 10, 2015 Written By Greg Fierros

Life can be tough as a contrarian. As the analyst covering the alternative asset classes and a personal investor in precious metals, I am a staunch proponent of the precious metals asset class even with its lackluster performance in recent years. However, given its historical performance and diversification characteristics, gold is a good thing to have during bear markets. Around...

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Could short-term gains in interest rates mean long-term pain for equity and bond markets?

May 29, 2015 Written By Beau Noeske

According to the Federal Reserve April meeting minutes released after the normal three-week lag, Fed officials generally doubted rates would increase by midyear. According to the Dow Jones report, only a few Fed officials felt confident that unemployment would continue to fall and inflation would trend toward the 2% target in order to justify a rate hike by the June...

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Passive investment products − a rose by any other name

May 26, 2015 Written By Sarah Abernathy

Passive products continue to thrive in the market. By some estimates, these products are now the primary investment choice for the majority of Americans, as suggested by Morningstar’s finding that nearly two-thirds of investor inflows last year went to passive investment products. Perhaps the more interesting tidbit to come out of the ETF trends last year is data that, according...

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State of the investment manager address

May 7, 2015 Written By DianeKing

As FolioDynamix and FDx Advisors have grown over the years, so has the number of inquiries we receive from investment/money managers. Typically, we receive daily requests from managers looking to get onto our platform. With the myriad of investment manager inquiries we receive on a monthly basis, culling through these requests in order to find those that may be worth...

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Small to mid-sized wealth management firms: a new option for portfolio allocation strategy

March 23, 2015 Written By Joseph Mrak

Small to mid-sized wealth management firms, banks and registered investment advisors (RIAs) looking to compete more effectively with larger firms have a new option when it comes to for portfolio allocation strategies: FDx Advisors VisX.  In this video, our chief investment officer, Shari Hensrud-Ellingson, discusses why FDx Advisors is taking on a manager role to help firms win new advisory...

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The broader impact of oil prices on investment management

February 25, 2015 Written By Tyler Mull

The fall in oil prices is due to expectations of a slowdown in global energy demand and a market that is most likely oversupplied. Viewpoints on the degree to which supply and demand dynamics are driving the current market movements differ, but many signs point to a market that is oversupplied rather than lacking demand. In a meeting on November...

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Save the Date – 2015 FolioDynamix & FDx Advisors Client Forum

February 11, 2015 Written By Shari Hensrud

Don’t miss the advisory event of the year!  Mark your calendar for the 2015 FolioDynamix & FDx Advisors Client Forum  – September 15-17, 2015 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO.  The theme of this year’s event is Innovations in Wealth Management. Top 5 reasons to attend the 2015 FolioDynamix & FDx Advisors Client Forum: Be inspired by industry leaders...

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Active investing – what’s the point?

October 9, 2014 Written By Sarah Abernathy

As I took up the July/August 2014 edition of Financial Analyst Journal, the last thing on my mind was finding fodder for a blog post. I was not looking to be impelled into writing a response to one of the articles published there, but found that thought crossing my mind more than once as I read the well-written article titled...

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CalPERS divests hedge fund investments

October 6, 2014 Written By Alan Ochalek

In mid-September, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) announced that it would eliminate hedge funds from its investment program, planning to divest all of its hedge fund investments over the next year. CalPERS officials stated that the hedge fund program was not being eliminated because hedge funds underperformed relative to expectations, rather the program was considered too expensive relative...

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Highlights from the 2014 FolioDynamix Client Conference

October 2, 2014 Written By Shari Hensrud

Last week we hosted the 10th annual FolioDynamix Client Conference in Napa, CA. Each year the event has grown in size, and this year was no exception. With our largest group yet, we had representatives from most of our client firms and 20 investment management firms as sponsors of our two-day event. Federated, Horizon Investments and Interactive Data served as...

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Actua invests in FolioDynamix

September 15, 2014 Written By Joseph Mrak

We’re excited to announce that FolioDynamix has a new investment partner – we are becoming an Actua Company. As you know, FolioDynamix is committed to innovation and growing our business into the market-leading wealth management platform. Becoming a part of Actua will give us greater resources to win new customers, further innovate our technology and services, retain the best talent,...

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FDx Advisors VisX balances tactical and strategic approaches across a spectrum of objectives

July 28, 2014 Written By Beau Noeske

This July, we were pleased to announce the roll out of the FDx Advisors VisX portfolio allocation strategies program. Born from client demand, VisX leverages FDx Advisors’ world class manager research and consulting services to formulate seven investment programs ranging from Conservative to Aggressive Growth to suit a range of client objectives. Each program is offered as both taxable and...

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FolioDynamix Launches VisX Portfolio Allocation Strategies

July 14, 2014 Written By Joseph Mrak

FolioDynamix announced today that it will offer portfolio allocation strategies through FDx Advisors. The strategic program, branded FDx Advisors VisX, is designed to offer banks, RIAs and broker dealers an array of portfolio allocation strategies that will include unified managed accounts (UMAs), exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and blends of these for income and growth objectives. The initial launch...

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Investor Sentiment Benefits U.S.

May 2, 2014 Written By Tyler Mull

Fear surrounding government intervention in the market economy can decrease investor confidence and affect a decision maker’s willingness to allocate capital in a country. In the global economy, investors have the option to deploy capital in many foreign markets. They will be hesitant to do so if they feel there is an insufficient governing structure to promote public confidence in...

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Keeping pace with the ETF revolution

March 17, 2014 Written By Tyler Mull

On March 6, 2014, ETF.com hosted top advisors for their ETF University seminar series in San Francisco, CA. Presentations from Goldman Sachs, MSCI and Deutsche Bank highlighted the opportunities and challenges RIAs and advisors face when choosing ETFs as a tool to meet their client’s objectives. During the last decade, exchange traded funds (ETFs) have evolved from a niche cash...

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Explore the benefits of investment outsourcing

February 26, 2014 Written By Joseph Mrak

Northern Trust recently conducted a survey among the investment advisor community to collect thoughts on investment outsourcing. More time for clients, the ability to grow efficiently and the ability to develop a more consistent investment management process for the firm were the top 3 benefits of outsourcing cited by surveyed advisors.

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Highlights from the 2013 FolioDynamix Client Conference & Money Manager Forum

December 4, 2013 Written By Sarah Abernathy

As we wind down the year, it seems like an appropriate time to share some of the useful insights we gained during the 2013 FolioDynamix Client Conference and Money Manager Forum. We were thrilled to have so many of our clients and industry-leading money managers join us at this year’s Conference, as we set a new record for overall attendance....

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Northern Trust joins FDx Advisors wealth management platform

November 19, 2013 Written By Shari Hensrud

We are pleased to welcome Northern Trust to the FDx Advisors UMA program. Northern Trust issued an announcement this week highlighting that that Northern Focused Portfolios (NFP) model portfolios have been added to FDx Advisors Unified Overlay Management Program platform. 

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SPDRs, index funds, investment research and fantasy football kickers

August 28, 2013 Written By Beau Noeske

Are you “that guy” in your fantasy football draft? There’s one in every league – the guy who selects the top-rated kicker five rounds too early or pays any value beyond $1 in your auction draft. Why draft a kicker so early? Maybe it’s to fill out the last position in the starting lineup. Maybe it’s because the field of...

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Investment research insights from the 2013 IMCA annual conference

July 9, 2013 Written By John Parsons

The team of analysts at FDx Advisors investment research group – a subsidiary of FolioDynamix – represents a deep and diverse set of education  backgrounds and career experiences. To ensure we stay on the leading edge, FDx Advisors analysts are encouraged to expand industry knowledge by pursuing credentials from leading investment industry organizations. One such designation is the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) certification, sponsored by...

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