Deploy a Successful UMA Program Quickly and Easily.

As a wealth management firm, your ability to deploy a successful unified managed account (UMA) program is critical to attracting and retaining the best clients and the best investment advisors.

At FDx Advisors, we believe that a UMA program should encompass five things:

  • Top-tier investment options and flexible asset allocation
  • Access to a broad selection of pre-screened money managers
  • Modern technology to optimize advisor productivity and minimize program administration
  • Governance to ensure the UMA program and associated managers are delivering to expectations
  • Flexibility to incorporate your own unique value proposition

Basic features of the FDx Advisors UMA program include:

  • Access to multiple asset allocations
  • Prescreened investment products that include separate accounts, mutual funds, and ETFs to fund each asset class in a single convenient account
  • Streamlined registration paperwork
  • Flexibility to customize asset allocations for accounts from $50K and up

Differentiating features of the FDx Advisors UMA program include:

  • The ability to select from a broad range of UMA program capabilities
  • Optional overlay management
  • Two-way due diligence of money managers and model performance
  • Active governance to ensure your UMA program is delivering to expectations and that information from money managers is timely and accurate
  • Active monitoring and resolution of errors
  • The ability to configure your UMA programs to meet the unique needs of your firm
  • Turnkey solutions to get you up and running quickly

The FDx Advisors unified managed account program enables rapid deployment, immediate advisor access and low overhead – so that your wealth management firm and your investment advisors can focus their time and resources on improving client service and growing the business.

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