Overlay Management

Deliver More Cost-Effective and Customized Investment Solutions to Your Clients.

Overlay management combines best-of-breed managers into a single account with a personalized investment approach that more clients are demanding. The FDx Advisors unified overlay management program helps you deliver more cost-effective and customized investment solutions to your clients.

FDx Advisors offers two overlay management program options:

  • Outsourced Overlay Program – for each client account, you determine the asset allocation and manager selections and outsource the day-to-day overlay management functions
  • In-House Overlay Program – your firm assumes the responsibilities of the Overlay Manager, including asset allocation, manager selection, portfolio management, and trading functions. In this scenario, FDx Advisors provide your firm with overlay management tools and access to manager models for client accounts.

Benefits of the FDx Advisors unified overlay management program include:

  • Increased customization/personalization of client accounts
  • Access to investment models from managers that have been through FDx Advisors stringent due diligence process
  • Ability to incorporate proprietary management services
  • Coordinated management across multiple asset classes
  • Ability for clients to transfer securities “in kind” from another portfolio
  • Continuous monitoring and management of wash sale activities
  • Access to manager profiles and presentation materials for client proposals

FDx Advisors’ overlay program is designed to integrate within your current business operations and support straight-through processing. Account detail can reside on your system, allowing your firm to provide consolidated statements and performance reports to clients.

We can help you design and deliver a highly-customized overlay management program – contact FDx Advisors today.